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Find Affordable Apartment Listings Near You

An apartment list is an important tool you can use if you are searching for a new rental property.

How can I find apartment listings near me?

There are many different websites you can use to help you view apartment listings. Some of the most reputable ones include: 

  • Zillow. 
  • Trulia. 
  • HotPads. 

Additionally, keep in mind that individual communities may have their own listings you can use. Sometimes, cities or community sites publish their own lists of local apartments and houses for rent.

If you know of any local sources in your area, be sure to review these for options. 

When viewing apartment listings online, however, it is important that you are aware of potential scams. Not every posting you see is legitimate. In some instances, this can simply mean that some of the information included is not correct. 

In more serious cases, the pictures of a property may be fake. To protect yourself, make sure you view a property in person before you sign a lease to rent the facility. Additionally, do not pay anyone to rent an apartment or for other similar services until you know the listing is legitimate. 

Where to Find Section 8 Apartment Listings 

Section 8 is also referred to as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This initiative is made available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The following types of applicants may qualify to receive Section 8 benefits: 

  • Low-income individuals and families. 
  • Elderly individuals. 
  • Disabled applicants. 

Section 8 was created to help ensure that these vulnerable groups of people have a better chance of having a safe, clean home. In cities where the cost of living and rent are continually rising, it can be especially difficult for these individuals to be able to afford homes. With Section 8, public housing agencies (PHAs) award vouchers to qualifying families. Enrollees can then use these vouchers to help them afford to pay their rent each month. 

If you are approved to receive a Section 8 voucher, learn about Section 8-approved apartments. However, keep in mind that one of the benefits of having Section 8 is that you have the freedom to choose where you want to live. Therefore, you may need to contact landlords and housing complexes directly to learn if you can use your program vouchers there. 

If you have additional questions about where you can use Section 8, contact the PHA that issued the voucher to you. Otherwise, you can begin your search by utilizing different apartment list websites. You may also use the resources the HUD website provides to locate affordable housing.

Are there any low income apartments with no waiting list available?

Section 8 is an important program that provides many households with shelter each month. As a result, vouchers are in high demand. Since PHAs only have a limited amount of funds they can distribute, most applicants will not be able to receive a Section 8 voucher immediately. Households who cannot receive assistance immediately are placed on a waiting list until a voucher becomes available. Learn about Section 8 waiting lists here

Usually, major cities have long waiting lists. However, if you are looking to move to a part of the country where the housing demand is not as high, you may be able to obtain a Section 8 voucher without being put on a waiting list. 

If you have flexibility regarding where you want to live, you can contact different PHAs to learn about whether or not there is a long line of people waiting to receive vouchers. If you take this approach, keep in mind that different PHAs may have their own rules about program qualifications. Make sure you learn about a PHA’s specific enrollment requirements before you apply for a voucher through it. 

Learn About the Benefits of Using an Online Apartment List 

Looking for an apartment is stressful. However, using an online apartment list to help you with your search can make this process more efficient. Some of the benefits of searching for rental properties using an apartment list are included below: 

  • You can filter your results. If you try and find an apartment by browsing listings in a newspaper, you will probably need to skim every listing. This means that you will likely see apartments that are too small, out of your budget or are not located in the neighborhood you want to move to. However, with an online apartment list, you can filter your results so you only see listings that are relevant to you. 
  • Listings are updated frequently. If you use an online apartment list, properties are usually updated daily. In some instances, listings are even updated multiple times a day. If you need to move soon, this can help you be sure that you are only viewing options that are currently available. Likewise, you can sign up to receive updates so that you are alerted whenever a new apartment that meets your criteria is posted. 
  • You know who to contact for additional information. Most apartment listing sites include information about who to contact if you want to learn more about the property. Usually, you will be able to see the realtor or landlord’s name and email address or phone number. This way, you know exactly who to contact and how to reach him or her.