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Toxic Beliefs That Can Stall Your Career

Toxic Beliefs That Can Stall Your Career

Do you feel you are not progressing in your career? Sometimes there can be external factors as to why this is the case, but often, you are the one standing in your own way. You may not even be aware of the beliefs or perspectives holding you back on a conscious level, as it is easy to get so caught-up with the pressures of work that all you want to do in the evening or at weekends is switch off and forget about the daily grind.

However, if you spend some time on self-reflection you will find you can be happier and more productive in the workplace.

Here are some toxic beliefs that can stall your career. If you recognize yourself in the following, you will also see you are able to do something about your stagnant beliefs. Make a change to your beliefs and you can find work runs a lot more smoothly.

Focusing on Negativity

Everyone sometimes makes mistakes in the workplace. The important thing is how you deal with the mistake. Too many employees get bogged down with mistakes they have made. The more you spiral downwards with your thoughts about what you have done wrong and the more you berate yourself for having messed up, the more you will remain a poor player at work. You will not be doing yourself, your colleagues or your company any favors.

Do not magnify the mistake in your mind. Instead, look at the mistake, recognize why you made it and make sure you do not make it again. Be practical about it, rather than letting your emotions take control. Bounce back and turn the mistake into something productive.

You may have negative thoughts at work for another reason. Perhaps you are frustrated with a colleague or a new assignment you have to work on. Whatever the reason for your negativity, the same rules apply.

Rather than getting wrapped-up in negative thoughts and feelings, take control. Deal with the situation and move on. Sometimes it can help to talk to your colleagues or managers too. Getting an objective opinion on your negativity can help you to resolve the problems. If you do not want your career to become stalled, nip negativity in the bud.

Being Stuck in Your Ways

Believing you cannot change is a toxic belief that will stall your career. In order to progress in any career, you need to be open to change and be able to grow. If you believe you are just “wired a certain way” and cannot change, and therefore you think development in the workplace is a waste of time, you will be stuck in a rut forever more.

You do not have to change from an introvert to an extrovert overnight. Everyone has different personality traits, which is what makes everyone an individual. However, everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow in their own ways.

The more you embrace change and face challenges and new opportunities with confidence and positivity, the more you will gradually move forward. In a couple years you might look back and see you have achieved so much more than you thought you were capable of doing, so give change a chance. You might surprise yourself.

Believing There Are No Opportunities for Development

If you think you are the best employee who has ever lived and there is nothing you can do to develop yourself in the workplace, you need to think again. Everyone can do things better, no matter how good they are at something.

The greatest sportsperson in the world does not stop improving his or her skills and attitude when he or she has obtained first place in one contest. That sportsperson continues to reach for more achievements, and so it should be the same in the workplace.

If you are being egocentric in your beliefs as well, it can stall your career in terms of promotion opportunities or in obtaining a raise.

There Is No Such Thing as Perfection

If you strive for perfection, you will never reach it. Why? Perfection is actually unattainable. You are setting yourself up for disappointment if you want to do everything perfectly. No one is infallible, after all. When things go wrong, perfectionists lament on small aspects that they failed to accomplish, rather than enjoying the many things they achieved.

If you recognize yourself as a perfectionist, you need to know not everything is in your control and external factors will always come into play. When you do not attain perfection, you will feel like a failure, which will cause you to be unhappy and less productive. That is not good for you, your work, your colleagues or your company, so rather than trying to be perfect, simply do the best job you can.

Believing You Do Not Have Enough Time

With the high demands of the workplace, you may feel like you do not have the time to devote yourself to an area of your work you need to develop. You may think going to a conference or obtaining additional training is impossible to do alongside your heavy workload. However, if such things will improve your job, you need to make the time.

If learning extra skills can make your job easier or allow you to be more efficient, then it is worth spending the time on them. After all, the reason you are saying you do not have time is because of your demanding workload, so if you keep putting off doing anything about it, your heavy workload will never go away. You will be stuck in a vicious circle.

If you have a family and other commitments, on top of demanding work hours, it may seem impossible to get away for a weekend to attend a conference. Therefore, look at other ways of learning. For instance, reading books about the topic to help you at work is a good alternative to attending a conference. By reading books, you can fit learning around your other commitments much more easily.

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